A Web3 powered solution, bringing you complete control of your digital assets.

The most seamless onramp into Web3.

Get paid for your data.

You're already giving it away for free to big tech... it's time to get paid for it. Your data is your ticket in to Web3.

Manage your assets.

Manage your earnings and crypto securely with our multi-chain wallet.

Increase your Cirus Score.

Unlock exclusive apps within the Cirus ecosystem as your Cirus Score increases.

Web3 Powered App Store.

You've entered into Web3. Now what? Take your earnings and access new applications powered by Web3.

We came with friends.
Meet our industry leading partners.

Effortlessly swap between your favorite cryptocurrencies.

Everything you need all in one place.

Own your data. Own your assets.

Here's why we built Cirus in the first place...

When we started building Cirus a couple of years ago, we had one goal in mind: “Value Back to People”. We noticed that there are so many moments in life where value is created, but the people creating it are often left out of the equation - we believe that Web3 solves this.


of people can’t enter Web3 due to a lack of funds and access.


Billion people remain unbanked.


Billion dollars in user funds lost on FTX.


of people don't trust big tech.

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